Poetry Teatime: Happily and hopelessly addicted

Poetry Teatime

Hello Julie,

I love your tea time ideas! I became happily and hopelessly addicted to the ritual a number of years ago. Thus, my 12 year old has enjoyed tea time since we began homeschooling in first grade. We will take our tea any time, any where, but have become a little particular about “how.” Yorkshire tea steeped to perfection with just the right amount of cream is the ideal for us.

Monday and Tuesday afternoons are set aside for “formal” tea time in our home. Here’s the way it goes: we begin by reading a Psalm from a lovely hand made book given to us from another tea loving friend. Then my 12 yr. old recites the poem he has been working on (this week it was Longfellow’s “Psalm of Life”). After a stellar performance, we pour out the tea and enjoy scones or another treat while we do a picture study Charlotte Mason style.

We are working on art by Giotto di Bondonne right now. We add a new picture each week. Now duly inspired, Colin works on drawing one of the pictures from our study while I read. This year it has been Shakespeare, Dickens, some books about St. Francis and some historical fiction. On Tuesdays we improvise; usually I read while Colin works on an art project. Our happy event (as well as my white table cloth) is sprinkled with delightful and messy interruptions by my two year old. We finish by reading a passage from an uplifting and beautiful book, A Grateful Heart.

Thank you for your inspirational ideas and tremendous support. What a community you have created!


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  1. Candise & Crew says:

    We also love “The Harp & Laurel Wreath” and do picture studies of Catholic artists! I like your bulletin board idea… My daughter wants to copy your tea cozy… Glad to see you on Brave Writer!
    Candise & Crew
    St. Joseph, Missouri