Teatime at the Lee’s house

Hi Julie

Just thought I’d e-mail you about yesterday’s teatime… We love your ideas and website! Thanks for everything!

11ds had a baseball game last night after 9dd’s Girl Scout meeting. Before we left, I was scrounging around the kitchen to find something somewhat healthy and portable to take for the kids to eat at the game and ended up making musubi or rice balls. Thanks to the kids’ cousin Rachel’s family who mailed us kim (Korean-style roasted and seasoned seaweed) and other Korean market goodies! I still have not made it to the Asian market in Pensacola. I think these kids like just plain ol’ kim and rice almost better than candy…

If kim is not readily available in your area, you could easily substitute furikake which might be in your supermarket’s ethnic foods aisle. Anyway, today for Tuesday Teatime with an Asian twist, we expanded our repertoire and the kids (well, mostly J9dd) made it again, this time with some canned tuna and sauteed carrots inside (and with green tea, of course). I was looking online for other things to put inside them or on top of them other than Spam or umeboshi (pickled plum), neither of which we are crazy about…

By the way, 7ds is showing that we’ve also been playing some Dining Table Boggle lately as well…

We continued our reading of the The Golden Goblet (Newbery Library, Puffin) By Eloise Jarvis McGraw.

In a book I read, it mentioned an interesting idea: open-your-refrigerator Google recipes. Just look in your refrigerator, Google the ingredients you have on hand, and a compatible recipe will pop out! I’ll have to try that sometime…


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  1. Vicki says:

    Thanks for your e-mail and for sharing this post, Julie!

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