I shall live to knock thy brains out.

(Taken from: The Two Noble Kinsmen)

If you worry that your kids think Shakespeare is a bore and totally out of step with today, I’ve got the remedy! Go to the Shakespeare Insulter and let the Bard hurl one at you! The insults would be a fun change of pace for copywork or dictation if language arts are getting a little tedious or routine.

(One small caveat: a few of the insults I turned up have some overtones you might want to preview.)

Check out more ideas about how to incorporate Shakespeare into your language arts program.

2 Responses to “I shall live to knock thy brains out.”

  1. Renee says:

    I love this. My son and I had a great time being insulted. He saved a list of the ones he liked most to read to our Reading and Writing Workshop group. Oh Bard, thou dost rock!

  2. Anna says:

    These are brilliant! I can’t wait to use them next week when our Aussie new school year commences.

    Last year, knowing that my 13yo daughter would hate lengthy Shakespeare readings, I found this website http://www.enotes.com/shakespeare-quotes which provides brief quotes from Shakespeare plays, along with context and explanatory notes. We used the quotes as copywork/dictation, but also spent time chatting about the plays.

    We’ve had fun with this introduction to the Bard’s priceless works, and it’s had the desired effect of promoting DD’s reluctant interest in “something OLD” [can you hear the groan?]. I suspect that the insults will add tremendously to her enjoyment of the Bard – in fact, I can almost hear her chuckling already!