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Anne said:

I really appreciate your Brave Writer site. Your words have removed much of my fear and rigidity around teaching writing.

My ten year old daughter and I often play Boggle or Cribbage during mealtime. We sometimes play Boggle cooperatively, just seeing how many words we can jot down together. Lately we have been taking the word lists generated from one or two sessions of Boggle and then writing poems or snippets of a story. Starting with a word list is so much easier than starting with a blank page. When (and if) she grants me permission I will send you a sample of her writing. No guarantees.

Thanks for your site.

I said:

Thank you Anne!

I’d like to post your suggestion to the blog this week. Would that be all right with you?


She replied:

Posting it would be fine.
Here is a sample of what my daughter, Natalie, wrote from this exercise. Words from the Boggle list are italicized:

“I seek a set of leeks,” said a rabbit.

“To eat?” questioned an ant.

“Yes,” replied the rabbit. “I will eat them to loosen my tooth.”

“Do you think a tooth fairy will take your tooth?” said the ant.

“Of course! But I will need to send a hint.”

“Who is the tooth fairy?” wondered the tiny ant.

“I am,” declared a small, smiling creature in a hood. The tooth fairy disappeared, however there was still a tune in the air.

Anne and Natali

Isn’t this a great idea?

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  1. Jean H says:

    Julie, I needed a change of pace to break up some tension, so we tried this today. What fun!

    We played 4 rounds of Boggle, then everyone picked one word list to write a story with. My adorable 8 yos managed one silly paragraph. My angelic 10 yod had a 3/4 page funny story. My unpredictable 13 yos blew me away by writing the first chapter of a complex novel involving a magical pencil that brings drawn objects to life and accidentally getting his little sister abducted by aliens. 🙂 (Yes, he’s written the first chapter to a LOT of blockbuster novels) The kids made me play, too, and I thought my ode to otters was delightful. LOL

    I’ll be tucking this away in my Brave Writer manual to use again.