Yesterday’s Wednesday Movie : Chill out!

Yesterday, we returned to early childhood for our afternoon movie. Johannah (15) is studying French. Caitrin (8) is catching up to her older siblings by watching all the old Disney movies, some for the first and second time.

Here’s how it played out…

J: “Oh let’s watch The Little Mermaid. It has French in it. Caitrin, want to watch?”

C: “Sure.”

J: “Shoot. I always forget that you have to rewind video. I hate that.”

Rewinding, rewinding.

C: “No wait stop there–that’s the beginnning.”

J: “Oh, the color is terrible.”

ME: “That’s because it’s VHS. We need the DVD.”

J: “Yeah that’s true. Every Disney is on DVD now.”

C: “Did you know Bambi is on DVD? And they changed everything. All the colors are changed. It’s so vibrant now!” (Look of amazement on my face at use of quality word.)

J: “Bambi is the stupidest movie. I mean, everyone says they like it. But it’s so boring. No one really does.”

ME: “Mmm. I love it. When you have toddlers, you’ll love it.”

J: “Mom, did you know that in real life deer and rabbits chill? They really do.”

ME: “Chill?”

J: “Mom – they hang together. They chill.”

ME: “Oh! They chill. Kewl.”

The movie starts. Sisters chill in real life too.

2 Responses to “Yesterday’s Wednesday Movie : Chill out!”

  1. Julie, this is priceless. It will add a whole new layer to my enjoyment of Bambi, next time we watch it.

  2. Stephani Bryson says:

    Little boys ages 5, 7, and 9 love Bambi too