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Burned Out Before You Start?

3 Tips for Homeschool Burnout

I had the fun of periscoping from Catalina Island off the coast of California. My dad and his wife live here and I visited them for the weekend. I spoke on Homeschool Burnout on the first day of school!

Three Tips for Burnout:

1. Feather in the subjects over the course of a month (don’t get all of your homeschool subjects up and running the first day or week!).

2. Add something brand new and fun to the mix right away. (Board game, trip to the zoo, new read aloud, a family movie in the morning…)

3. Selfcare spa: Waste some time each day. You, the parent, spend time staring out a window, paging through Pinterest, listening to your music on headphones, deliberately NOT do something you keep saying you should. Give yourself time to not improve.

The fundamental issue facing those of us who are burned out before the year even starts is the pressure to do EVERYTHING better than you did it last year. You already felt tired at the end of the year. Now you’re supposed to up the ante and do more and better and different this year.

Nope. You don’t have to. It’s okay to maintain the status quo, to do less, to choose not to cover more material…

Like that.

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