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Congratulations and THANK YOU

We announced the Big Bundle Grand Prize winner live from Hawaii!

What did Olivia win?

Our Big Bundle includes:

  • a Brown Betty teapot,
  • a hard copy of A Gracious Space: Winter,
  • a lovely tote by Alexandra,
  • a gorgeous, “Live Honestly, Write Bravely” stamped metal necklace by Jennifer,
  • a $50 Brave Writer Gift Certificate,
  • and chocolate!

Big Bundle contents

Thank you all for an amazing 12 Days in the Brave Writer community!

We truly loved every moment of this event. The enthusiastic participation you showed encouraged us as well and created such excitement leading into the retreat planning and our theme, “Be Good to You.”

If you missed the big reveal, you can still view it on Katch and we’ve included the video of the actual drawing here as well!

The 12 Days of Brave Writer Retreat-o-Versary Give Away!

“In the scurry to be all things to all people, don’t forget to be there for you.”  -Julie

We want those little Internet breaks you take this holiday season to be as rewarding and happy as possible.

You know the ones: when everyone’s home and the “Wild Rumpus” has started, and you sneak away for a few minutes to scroll through Twitter or Facebook or to check-in on the Brave Scopes Facebook group.

12 Days of Brave Writer

We’ve cooked up a bunch of FUN for you!

January 2016 marks the 16th anniversary of Brave Writer.
January 18, 2016 is opening day for the “Be Good to You” Retreat Registration.

It’s the holidays!

Our team put these together to create:

The 12 Days of Brave Writer:
Retreat-o-Versary Give-Away

(Yes, a mouthful, but a fun mouthful!)

 The contest starts with a treasure hunt and ends with a GRAND PRIZE you won’t want to miss.

Here’s how it works

12 Days of Brave Writer in a Nutshell

When you share, be sure to include the hashtag! #Bgood2u

Follow Brave Writer so you can find those snowflakes!

Announcing our winners!

12 Days of Brave Writer 2015 Winners

Where in the world were those snowflakes?!

Day 1- Here on the blog, on the Happy Holidays post.

Day 2- On Facebook, in a contest announcement image.

Day 3- Pinterest! It was in the sand over Julie’s shoulder on the beach, with a quote about Awesome Adulting.

Day 4- Instagram– just under the blue oval quote background and a boy dressed for a day in the snow.

Day 5- Twitter meme that included the quote: “Create for yourself mini vacations…”

Day 6- Pinterest quote and image with an orange on a plate.

Day 7- Happy New Year Facebook photo!

Day 8- Facebook! Down in the leaves, where you have to be observant to find the treasure!

Day 9- It was the opening of the Periscope episode today! You can still see it on Katch!

Day 10- Hidden right here on the blog, in a post about Noah’s games. Search carefully!

Day 11- Snowy days call for chocolate and Instagram!

Day 12- It was a BLIZZARD of snowflakes! Day 12 icons were on every platform!