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The Brave Learner Audiobook

The Brave Learner: Audiobook

Once upon a time, in November 2018, I spent 40 hours holed up in a recording studio. I was armed with throat lozenges, thermoses of warm tea, and the desire to talk to my favorite people.

The result? The Brave Learner Audiobook: 10 hours read aloud by yours truly!

The audiobook version of The Brave Learner is the perfect portable companion. Pop your earbuds in and listen during a walk, while doing household chores, or when you’re traveling (no earbuds in the car, though— please be safe!).

I’m a big fan of audiobooks when I don’t have the time (or hands!) to settle in and turn physical pages.

So, all that to say: I hope the audiobook version of The Brave Learner is a helpful resource for you, and for your friends. Check it out!

Listen to an Excerpt

P.S. If you’ve already purchased the Kindle version of The Brave Learner, you can get the Audible audiobook for the reduced price of $8.49.

P.P.S. The audiobook is FREE with a 7-day trial of Audible.

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The Brave Learner Companion Guide

The Brave Learner Conference: Staging the Home

The Brave Learner Conference

The Brave Learner Conference

Register Today!

Cincinnati Ohio
Friday, July 19, 2019

Are you coming to the Brave Learner Conference? Our Early Bird Discount is active until March 31st.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill conference. We are creating an event that is truly an experience—a party! We’re tailoring every single detail with you in mind as the honored guest.

From the first moment of the day until the happy sigh-filled end, I’m bringing more joy and practicality to all the ideas in my book. I promise: we’ll deep-dive into how to see differently and then stage the home, building from the great foundation in my book and adding to it!

Picture this: on Friday, July 19, 2019, you’ll stroll into the obscenely-gorgeous Renaissance Hotel and walk right into the world of The Brave Learner in real life…with all kinds of friends.

How so?

  • This event features new material. That means, I’m bringing additional insight and ideas that build from The Brave Learner. It’s the capstone of my book tour!
  • Parties = treats, swag, and special surprises throughout the day. Let’s just say you won’t leave empty-handed!
  • You’ll meet friends! We’ll collaborate by getting hands-on with practical application and collaboration with your fellow conferees.
  • We’ve got squeal-worthy special guest speakers (seriously can’t wait to reveal them!).
  • There will be plenty of time for you to ask me questions, get your book signed, take selfies, and of course we’ll share tons of hugs!

My goal is for you to leave with your inspiration tank spilling over, not only as a home educator, but as a home educator who also lives an awesomely rich adult life.

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The Brave Learner: Julie ON-AIR

The Brave Learner Podcast Interviews

Wow! This past month has been a whirlwind of epic Brave Learner proportions! The response to The Brave Learner has been overwhelming — in all the best ways!

Several phenomenal podcasters have invited me on their shows to chat all things Brave Learner.

Want to listen? We’ve compiled a list!

Penguin Random House: This is the Author

Homeschool On: More than Homeschool Survival

How to Create an Enchanting Home and Why It’s Important

Sage Parenting: Brave Learner

Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids: The Brave Learner with Julie Bogart

Book Talk: The Brave Learner

A big thanks to each podcaster, and also to YOU— the listeners —for being supportive from day one.

It means the world to me!

The Brave Learner

One Mom’s Reaction

One mom's reaction to The Brave Learner

Here’s a fun glimpse inside the mind of a mom interacting with The Brave Learner:

Oh my goodness!!! What a wonderful book added to my collection of at-my-fingertips inspiration and encouragement!

I was out of town when my book arrived. I cracked it open as soon as I arrived home and 48 hours later I had devoured it :blush: will be going back through it more slowly soon. That’s just how I operate- lose myself for a couple days in a good book and then go back through the material slowly with a mind for studying and application (the first read is all about filling myself up and delight).

This time as I closed a book I devoured I didn’t feel guilty though. I felt like I had given my children a shining example of what it means to be immersed in learning for learning’s sake and finding delight for myself outside of my responsibilities as mother-teacher. Letting my 3 girls see me take care of myself isn’t something to feel guilty about anymore :tada:. I also pulled out the messy paint projects this morning that they have been wanting to do (for a shamefully long time). I had put them off because of the mess. I am delightedly folding laundry while they make a glorious (but contained) mess and I am not cringing about it in the least. Thank you so much!!!

So many of your ideas- both in this book and the Brave Writer program (just beginning to dip my toes in) are helping me to let go of all the hard rules I had laid on myself and consequently projected onto my kids. Instead I am figuring out what is right for US in THIS season and happily letting the things that just don’t fit go and trusting the journey. What a weight to let go of!!!

I really am on my own learning journey and it is fabulous!


The Brave Learner

The Brave Learner—Happy Book Birthday!

The Brave Learner

Today’s the day: The Brave Learner book birthday!

The book I wrote for you,The Brave Learner, is dropping in mailboxes and book stores all over the world (quite literally!). The excitement is palpable. I love seeing all the “your book has shipped” notices many of you are sharing on social media.

When I wrote this book, it was my hope that I could help you reimagine learning—how you can get a little more “video-game level enthusiasm” into the traditional school subjects, and how you could discover the school subjects hiding in a child’s interests.

In my book, you’ll find four kinds of information to help you:

  • An easy-to-understand philosophy of learning that you can adopt now
  • Stories from my family and families like yours putting those ideas into practice
  • Brain research to help you understand how natural learning occurs in children
  • Family-friendly practices to implement the 12 superpowers of learning

The Brave Learner is designed to support you in the task of education and parenting for every age group (5 – 18 years of age). It doesn’t matter whether you’re a text book homeschooler, an unschooler, or a parent of kids in a traditional school.

There’s something for every parent who cares about their children’s education.

The book is available through:

Listen to today’s Book Birthday podcast below and check out the book’s website for a SPECIAL treat (a freebie just for you!).

The Brave Learner