The Brave Learner Book Club!

Brave Learner Book Club

It’s the Launch of the Brave Learner Book Club!

My book, THE BRAVE LEARNER, is about to publish on February 5. One of the reasons I am so looking forward to sharing it with you is that I can’t wait to TALK with you about it!

To that end, I have decided to offer a book club—a monthly webinar where I lead you in applying the principles and practices that I enumerate in the book. We’ll

  • share,
  • discuss,
  • problem-solve
  • AND turn philosophy into practice.

All of that goodness will take place in our coaching space: The Homeschool Alliance. Join us starting in February as we kick off the book club for THE BRAVE LEARNER!

In the book club you will:

  • consider how your home can provide an enchanted context for learning,
  • find the magic that’s already present,
  • and discover concrete ideas (also in the book!) that can amp the enchantment and lead to the love of learning we want for our kids.

THE BRAVE LEARNER explores many of the themes we love to talk about in the Homeschool Alliance: creating a healthy happy family and home life, while growing as awesome adults ourselves.

Pre-order THE BRAVE LEARNER now and you’ll be set for the first book club meeting!

Can’t wait to share it with you!

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