Blog Roundup: January 2019

Brave Writer January 2019 Roundup

Welcome to the latest Brave Writer blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families use Brave Writer products and practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

How to Get the Words Flowing From Your Struggling Writer – Bethany Ishee

I think we can all recall the fear and terror that would overtake us at the sight of a blank page when we knew writing was expected. Whether a research paper, book report or an essay response on an exam, anxiety grew each moment we had no idea what to write. It seemed that the harder we tried to think, the more desperate the situation became.

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How to Stop Writer’s Block From Stealing Your Child’s Thoughts – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

It’s happened more times than I can count. We sit down to start our writing project and at least one child cannot come up with a single word to say. They stare at the page and seem to have forgotten how to form words. Learning to communicate through writing is hard, but what do you do when your child has writer’s block and no words will come out?

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