One Mom’s Reaction

One mom's reaction to The Brave Learner

Here’s a fun glimpse inside the mind of a mom interacting with The Brave Learner:

Oh my goodness!!! What a wonderful book added to my collection of at-my-fingertips inspiration and encouragement!

I was out of town when my book arrived. I cracked it open as soon as I arrived home and 48 hours later I had devoured it :blush: will be going back through it more slowly soon. That’s just how I operate- lose myself for a couple days in a good book and then go back through the material slowly with a mind for studying and application (the first read is all about filling myself up and delight).

This time as I closed a book I devoured I didn’t feel guilty though. I felt like I had given my children a shining example of what it means to be immersed in learning for learning’s sake and finding delight for myself outside of my responsibilities as mother-teacher. Letting my 3 girls see me take care of myself isn’t something to feel guilty about anymore :tada:. I also pulled out the messy paint projects this morning that they have been wanting to do (for a shamefully long time). I had put them off because of the mess. I am delightedly folding laundry while they make a glorious (but contained) mess and I am not cringing about it in the least. Thank you so much!!!

So many of your ideas- both in this book and the Brave Writer program (just beginning to dip my toes in) are helping me to let go of all the hard rules I had laid on myself and consequently projected onto my kids. Instead I am figuring out what is right for US in THIS season and happily letting the things that just don’t fit go and trusting the journey. What a weight to let go of!!!

I really am on my own learning journey and it is fabulous!


The Brave Learner

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