March in the Homeschool Alliance: Enchant Your Children’s Education

The Brave Learner Book Club in the Homeschool Alliance

Each month in the Homeschool Alliance we explore a theme found in my new book, THE BRAVE LEARNER. In March we’ll look at Chapter 4 which discusses ways to enchant your children’s education.

Why do the forces of enchantment create the valuable connections our children need in order to retain what they learn?

We’ll talk about:

  • surprise,
  • mystery,
  • risk,
  • adventure,
  • and how to foster curiosity and depth in a child’s learning life.

The Homeschool Alliance coaches and I will help you think freshly about these ideas and make that paradigm shift to see differently. We’ll share practical steps to help you stage your home for the transformation to occur! We’ll help you tailor-make the practices to suit your family.

Let’s use the forces of enchantment to ignite a powerful learning journey for our children and teens.

Book Club Webinar: Tuesday March 19 at 7:00 PM ET

Can’t wait to share with you!

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