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The Big Reveal: Here are the 2018-19 Arrows and Boomerangs!

2018-19 Arrows and Boomerangs

2018-19 Arrows and Boomerangs

Plus, our Big Book Giveaway (scroll down)!

The Arrow and Boomerang year long programs are on sale for the month of June! Buy them now for the lowest price of the year!

The Arrow (3rd-6th) and The Boomerang (7th-10th) are our language arts tools (digital guides) that teach

  • grammar,
  • spelling,
  • punctuation,
  • and literary elements using living literature (a la Charlotte Mason).

We pick books for you to read that represent a diversity of perspectives and writing genres to expand the horizons of your young charges. From those books, we select four passages for copywork and dictation, paired with easy to understand notes written in a conversational and engaging style.

Each issue publishes on the 1st of the month and will be available for download from a private folder on our Brave Writer Website. Try it this year, and see the difference!

Both Arrow and Boomerang subscriptions are ON SALE until June 30, 2018!

$89.00 for all ten guides

ONE CAVEAT: We are offering Arrow and Boomerang book clubs for ALL 20 titles (registration opens July 30, 2018). If you decide you want your kids to be in our 2018-19 book discussion clubs, know that the Arrow and Boomerang guides are included for the price of the club.

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The Arrows

2018-19 Arrow Titles

Aug: Penderwicks at Last
Sep: Redwall
Oct: Mary Poppins
Nov: Journey to Jo’burg
Dec: Because of Winn Dixie
Jan: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Feb: Freedom Train
Mar: Harriet the Spy
Apr: By the Great Horn Spoon
May: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

PSST: Our single issue Penderwicks’ Arrow (A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy) is now ON SALE for half price until June 30, 2018. Just $4.95! Grab yours here.

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The Boomerangs

2018-19 Boomerang Titles

Aug: Twisted Endings Short Stories*
Sep: Cry, the Beloved Country
Oct: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Nov: The Scarlet Pimpernel
Dec: A Christmas Carol
Jan: Sense and Sensibility
Feb: March: Book One
Mar: Wolf Hollow
Apr: Fahrenheit 451
May: The House on Mango Street

* the August Boomerang title is a collection of short stories sourced for free online.

We encourage you to review the books yourself to be certain that you are comfortable with the content before giving them to your children.

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Big Book Giveaway

You also have the chance to WIN either the Arrow or Boomerang Book Collection! To enter, you’ll fill out this form.

For additional entries, you’ll have the opportunity to share the contest with friends. We’re giving away 5 sets of books! International Brave Writer fans can play too (if you win, we’ll send you a $100 Amazon gift card). No purchase necessary.

We’re excited to read with your family during the coming year!

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Brave Writer Book Club Party School

Brave Writer Book Club Party School

Introduction by Mary Wilson

Helping my kids make meaningful connections to literature has always been an important part of my homeschool. I have used the Brave Writer Arrow and Boomerang guides for several years to support my efforts.

The Boomerang guides have always included Think Piece questions to facilitate discussion and the recent Arrow guides (those published since 2015) include Big, Juicy questions. These questions inspired me to organize book clubs for my children and their friends in order to facilitate a big, juicy conversation about good books.

Of course, I combined the questions from the guides with the idea of a Brave Writer party school and the Brave Writer book club party school was born. Our family had so much fun at our book club parties that I began to share ideas on my blog. Other homeschooling parents jumped on board and a Brave Writer book club community formed.

In order to encourage and support parents who want to implement creative party school ideas, the Arrow and Boomerang book guides published this year (2017-2018) include a Book Club Party School guide. You’ll find fun ideas for food, activities, games, and more in each guide so that your family can celebrate books together.

As a complement to their annual Arrow or Boomerang subscription, subscribers are invited to a private Facebook group where they can share ideas and inspiration from the book clubs with their own children. Many participants also share their ideas on Instagram using the hashtag: #bwbookclub.

Below are just a few of the wonderful ideas from our Brave Writer book club community this year:


Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Happy Birthday Jane Austen SALE
In celebration of Jane Austen’s birthday (December 16th, 1775), the Boomerang based on her novel, Pride and Prejudice, is:

HALF PRICE till Sunday, Dec. 17 midnight ET ($5.95)!


Born on December 16th, 1775, Jane Austen has become one of the most enduring staples of English literature. Her works have inspired films, books, and flurries of essays and other analysis. But in her own lifetime, Jane Austen published her novels anonymously (some with the famous by line: “By a Lady”) and they brought her little fame or recognition.

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases,
Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

Published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice is arguably Austen’s most famous work and has been adapted (to screen and other mediums) numerous times. A romance novel and a social commentary, it follows its protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, as she navigates English social restrictions, a complicated family, and of course the seemingly antagonistic attentions of a certain Mr. Darcy.

Austen’s novels are known for their critique of English society and commentary on the difficulties of women being dependent upon making good marriages for financial stability and happiness. Although her heroines live forever in the imaginations of her readership, very little is known of the woman herself. The details of Austen’s life remain murky due in part to family members destroying many of her letters. Only a handful survive to this day, making the interpretation of the life of Jane Austen somewhat difficult.

Most of what remains of Jane Austen is what we find in her novels; a sharp ironic wit, social critique, and unabashed romance for good measure. These qualities and so much more have ensured that Jane Austen’s novels are still avidly read to this day.

So, celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday and take advantage of this special offer today!

Also, if you’d like to buy a copy of the novel, it’s available through Amazon: Pride and Prejudice


This Boomerang is also part of the Early English Boomerang collection!

The Boomerang is a digital downloadable product that features copywork and dictation passages from a specific read aloud novel. It is geared toward 7th to 10th graders (ages 12—advanced, 13-15) and is the indispensable tool for Brave Writer parents who want to teach language arts in a natural, literature-bathed context.

DEEP DIVE into Jane Austen’s World

The Preciousness of Life

The Preciousness of Life

This August we’re reading Station Eleven in our Boomerang Book Club (the book club for teens). Written by a Canadian homeschooler (Emily St. John Mandel), it was a national book award finalist.

The story is about a post-pandemic world where not enough people survive to sustain life as we currently know it—no one to ship our goods across oceans, no one to run the power grid, no one to drill for oil and turn it into petroleum, no more harvesting of crops, no running water, and so on… The modern world grinds to a halt. The remnant population is forced to hunt and scavenge in the ruins of the 21st century.

I read this book last August, in fact. It so moved me, I wept openly on a plane, amazed at the miracle of flight—that I had been born in a time and place where transcontinental travel was taken for granted, that even my tray and cupholder were perfectly designed and formed: a delight to use. A miracle!

All year, I’ve lived with that feeling—that we have lost touch with just how incredible it is to be alive now, in this moment aware of all the moments that came before and able to take full advantage of all that we offer each other now.

It’s taken all ten thousand years and billions of human beings to create every single taken-for-granted item and service we live with daily—to be at a point where travel, telecommunications, and agriculture make life on our planet comfortable, productive, and stupendously amazing!

The overnight news of rising tensions between the US and North Korea (I’ll admit) freaked me out. I’m amped on adrenaline and the old 1970s fear of nuclear holocaust (only so much more aware of what that really means) has returned with a vicious vengeance. I found myself wishing I were already dead—I don’t want to be alive when nuclear holocaust comes. Honestly.

It struck me as prescient really that we are reading this book about a kind of post-apocalyptic world as a community this month.

It’s an illusion to think that tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will be here waiting to be enjoyed or faced.

The luxury of the illusion of time allows us to be cranky, to be careless with our attitudes and words, to assume that an opulence of time allows us to mistreat one another knowing we can make up for it whenever we want to—some other day we can be kind, understanding, gentle, tender. Today, we’ll be moody, irritable, annoyed.

Yet today is a miracle—that you and I are still here, still sipping coffee, listening to music written by someone we’ll never meet, piped to us by machines the size of a pocket in a pair of jeans fueled by energy whose source is every bit as mysterious as a witch doctor’s incantation.

I’m typing my thoughts and they will instantly transmit to every corner of the globe through no effort of mine.

All of this astonishing achievement can be snatched from us in a moment—a careless, angry, ego-laden move by a national leader designed to protect one set of interests against another.

The real danger of our interconnected, startlingly brilliant 21st century world IS our interdependence—the collective need to collaborate rather than compete. Our nationality, our ethnicity, our geography hold us hostage. “Survival of the fittest” no longer works. To make it, we must partner and care about each other’s welfare as we do our own.

It starts at home. Today.

No more going nuclear on our kids, on our spouses.

No more permitting them to go nuclear on us.

It feels like we don’t have time to be cruel. I remember a friend saying years ago when faced with awfulness, to respond in the opposite spirit. It occurred to me tonight that in light of the international tension, we can flip the script at home.

It’s time to take time in hand and hold it gently, with reverence, sharing love with those we love, being kind and considerate. There’s no time to waste. This is it.

Be Good to You: Self Care Practices for the Homeschooling Parent

2017 Fall Class Registration is OPEN

Registration is OPEN for Brave Writer Online Classes

Brave Writer Online Classes provide a safe space for writing risks.

Fall Class Registration is OPEN

Today is our biggest online class registration event of the year. Our Arrow and Boomerang Book Clubs are open for registration as well. Spots fill quickly so don’t wait to sign up!

New to our online class registration day? I’ve got tips for you!

You will receive two email confirmations (one of payment and one showing your classes)

Charter School payments are collected later. Select “charter school” at the payment window to complete your registration. You will receive ONE receipt.

We’ve created an FAQ you can read too.

If you get stuck, contact us:

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