Make Learning Stick: Two-Product Bundles

Brave Writer

I once met a lady who homeschools
While juggling a baby who drools
She fought to teach writing
Stop the toddlers from biting
And forgot a semicolon’s rules

Is this you? It was surely one of my best friends. She came to me with exasperation.

How was she supposed to know all the rules of punctuation?

How could she teach it without the kids devolving into a fight?

We talked—and lo and behold! She discovered she, too, could lead a writing program even without a copyeditor’s knowledge of all the grammar rules! You can too.

I designed a bunch of programs that are kid (and parent!) friendly.

Two-Product Bundles

You can purchase two-product bundles to get started or to supplement Growing Brave Writers (if you’ve already got it). These products teach literature, grammar, punctuation, and developmentally scaled writing assignments.

Hop on board so that we can rewrite that limerick to read:

I once met a lady who homeschools
At ease with writing rules
Her kids self-expressed
Wordy missives—the best!
Brave Writer gave her the tools

Brave Writer Bundles

If you’re looking for some additional support, check out our online classes.

Psst: Do you have new-to-Brave-Writer friends? You can get a discount for them and for yourself using our Refer-a-Friend program!

Brave Writer Bundles

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