The Importance of Rest

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We cannot underestimate the power of fatigue to crush the life out of even the strongest of us! Take a nap, swing in a hammock, snooze.

The most difficult resource to keep in stock is rest.

Yet rest changes everything!

It affects our:

  • mood
  • energy level
  • outlook
  • ability to respond to crisis
  • tolerance for chaos and noise
  • generosity toward childishness
  • wellbeing
  • ability to concentrate

When you find yourself short, disorganized, bored, sounding the alarm that the world is ending, ask yourself when last you got 6-8 hours of sleep without constant interruption.

It’s difficult to catch up when you breastfeed or have a chronic bedwetter. I know. That’s why taking naps, having a partner who can swap sleeps with you (so you’re not on call every night), and even resorting to booking a room at a hotel for a night just for you can change your life.

When in doubt, assume you need more sleep. Then find a way to get it.

(Also: throw in a dose of sunshine. Get outside where the sun can kiss your skin… it helps.)

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