Podcast: Raising Critical Thinkers

This is a special podcast episode for me: my new book, Raising Critical Thinkers, is now available!

I have been thinking about thinking for decades. My bookshelves are full of texts dealing with the big ideas we all excavate, explore, and uncover as we become adults and strive to figure out our place in the world.

But when kids are presented with abject facts, they can still look us in the eye and completely deny reality. What it takes to think critically is a skill that’s instantly recognizable in its usage, but is much harder to strip down to teachable components.

Raising Critical Thinkers is going to help you dial into those experiences

  • without panic,
  • without feeling that you’ve failed as a parent,
  • or without worrying about the influences of social media, peer groups, or other forms of media.

Show Notes

My team has designed a free, downloadable PDF, The Book Club Companion Guide to Raising Critical Thinkers. I recommend getting this and working alongside others, because the book is going to ask you some hard questions about yourself and your thinking process.

You can also join our own Brave Learner book club at bravewriter.com/special-offer.

On top of all of that, invite me to your book club! If you have a book club of six or more people, fill out the form at raisingcriticalthinkers.com and I will schedule a time with you to come visit your book club via Zoom.

Raising Critical Thinkers is available today and you can buy it wherever books are sold.


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