Now Available: Raising Critical Thinkers!

Raising Critical Thinkers

It’s my book’s birthday!

Come celebrate with me!

When you write a book, you write alone. You research alone. You edit and wait alone.

Then FINALLY the day comes when you get to hang out with all the people who filled your imagination while writing.

Friends, that day is here!! And those people are YOU. You are my people!

Thank you for all the ways you have already celebrated the book launch.

You can grab a copy of the book (if you haven’t yet) now!

It comes in Hardback, Kindle, and Audiobook formats (I’m the narrator).

Come hang out with me on Instagram where the party continues!

And when you finish, please leave a review on Amazon or any book site of your choice.

Free Webinar

Today we’re celebrating publication day with a free Zoom webinar. All welcome!

What Our Friends Are Saying

It’s one thing to have people review your book who are luminaries in the field of thinking and education. And truly—each review has been humbling and inspiring to me.

But then, the reviews start to come from YOU—the friends for whom I wrote this book. And I do think of you that way—as my companions on this journey of parenting, educating and becoming decent human beings.

Here’s what one of the members of our homeschool community wrote about reading my new book:

When an author accomplishes the increasingly difficult task to make you feel, re-examine, make you take self inventory of your approach …on everything. That my friends, is worth mentioning. In Julie Bogart’s newest upcoming release, Raising Critical Thinkers, she provides you with a toolbox of knowledge, perception, activities for the family, and a resource that will be picked up again and again.

When you are able to make a seemingly dull academic subject inspire your ability to digest, teach, and grow…that my friends is what I call, brilliance.

(Arlene, from Arlene and Company)

Gulp. That was just what I hoped it would feel like!

Another one:

I love how Julie is able to expertly blend the deep research she has done with personal experiences, and deliver it all in a way that is informative, while also making you feel like you are conversing with a friend. A must read for everyone!

(Erin Donnelly)

Conversing with a friend….yes!

And finally this gem:

Since reading the book, I’ve found myself seriously considering the sources of the perspectives of people I interact with. I really like that! It helps me be more reflective and slower to react to others.

(Lauren Krause)

What a lovely outcome!

Invite Me to Your Book Club

I would love you to join the community of thinkers we’re building—to change the online dynamic, to bring insight and clarity to our conversations. In short, let’s think BETTER and build a better world.

  • Download our FREE Book Club Companion Guide from the website.
  • Host a group of six or more to discuss Raising Critical Thinkers.
  • Invite me to come speak to your group (we’ll do virtual visits via Zoom).

Apply here: Invite Julie to Visit My Book Club

And don’t miss a chance to win six books (SIGNED copies) on Julie’s Instagram account!

Thanks for making the launch of my new book so much fun!

You are the best. ❤️

Raising Critical Thinkers

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