Raising Critical Thinkers!

Raising Critical Thinkers

I’m delighted to introduce you to my newest book:

RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS: A Parent’s Guide to Growing Wise Kids in the Digital Age

It feels like a moment whose time has come.

I talk with parents every day. They are worried.

  • What kind of world will their children inherit?
  • How can they help their kids differentiate between facts and misinformation, particularly online?
  • Which interpretations of historical events and documents can be trusted?
  • How do we know which ideas are dangerous and which are worthy of deeper investigation?

Our culture (and our families) are polarized.

We want to raise curious kids who are also discerning.

I got busy researching the best ideas and practices available today to help your kids deal with the onslaught of unfiltered information that comes at them all day every day.

Those high quality ideas (and thought leaders) and practical activities are in my book!

Can’t wait to get it in your hands!

Early Praise for Raising Critical Thinkers

There is no one I know whose wise counsel I would trust more than Julie Bogart when it comes to teaching our children (and ourselves!) how to think. Critical thinking has never been more important, and Julie arrived just when we needed her. This book is a must for anyone who wants to raise children to be thoughtful, kind, and independent.  Sharon McMahon, of Sharon Says So

Raising Critical Thinkers is a must-read for parents and teachers. It speaks to the deep need for raising and educating children (both at home and in the classroom) to do much more than accept, memorize, and restate. Julie masterfully provides the tools to guide children in growing the ability to think – while also challenging readers to reflect on their own critical thinking skills in the process. It is a gold mine of learning for all.  —Susie Allison, of Busy Toddler

You can pre-order now!

It’s a big day around here. 

Today, Monday, October 25, 2021, RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS, is now open for pre-ordering!


Pre-sales help the publisher know how big to make the first print run.
With supply chain issues in mind, it helps the publisher A LOT if you pre-order to ensure enough copies are printed ahead of the publication date: February 1, 2022.

You can pre-order by visiting the book website: https://raisingcriticalthinkers.com

When you pre-order, you have the chance for three cool bonuses.

Bonus #1:

If you pre-order by November 15, you will be invited to an exclusive webinar on Thursday November 18 with me called: “Surviving the Holidays with Your Family.”

  • Have you ever felt stifled or judged by members of your family?
  • Are you annoyed at the way relatives “pop quiz” your kids to make sure they are “learning the right things”?
  • Do you wonder how to help your kids respond to intrusive comments?
  • Would you like to understand better how to facilitate a brisk exchange of ideas that doesn’t tank into bitterness?

Join me for this webinar! It will be a little foretaste of my new book.

Bonuses #2 and #3:

The next two pre-order bonuses will come out on February 1st, the book publication date!

  1. An annotated bibliography of the books Julie used to write Raising Critical Thinkers (will include her handwritten notes and thoughts about each one).
  2. An exclusive recording of Julie and a special guest (to be announced) for pre-sales only. The topic: “The Tricky Part: Writing about Critical Thinking and Paying Attention to Your Own Biases at the Same Time.”

These are exclusive to those who purchase the book during the pre-order period (10/25/21-02/ 01/22).


If you’re the kind of person who loves to be on the inside track of the newest going concern, I invite you to join the book launch team.

It’s a month-long party in a private Facebook Group hosted by our team member, Natalie, led by me. 

The Book Launch Team will have access to:

  • social media graphics,
  • a chance to read the book early,
  • weekly Facebook lives with me,
  • giveaways!

The goal is to support getting the word out about the book and to provide the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads that it needs to make itself known out in the world!

To sign up, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rctlaunchparty

We had a total blast launching my last book. I can’t wait to get in there with you again. The party starts January 1. You can join any time between now and then.

You can also pop by Instagram and see the cover on the grid and in my stories for the incredible array of blurbs from noteworthy authors. 

Truly humbling.

Want to learn more?

Listen to the Podcast!

Raising Critical Thinkers

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