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This is a pinch-me moment!

It took decades of researching, writing, and editing to be standing on the precipice of my book launch. RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS is now officially available to pre-order!

I am thrilled to unleash this project into the world and stimulate a conversation on how we read and discern information – a theme on top of everyone’s minds – and social media feeds. 

Tune in to the Brave Writer Podcast as I share why Raising Critical Thinkers will nourish future generations of worldly, passionate, and thoughtful learners. Plus: the key dates to put in your calendar to take this community and conversation further. 

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Show Notes

The Era of Information Overload.

Discerning fact and fiction from information sources has become an exhausting, emotionally charged task for adults navigating an overstimulated world. For parents, there is an additional concern for their children, with a world of perspectives and voices in their hands (often unsupervised), and no concrete guidance on evaluating sources with a critical mind. In my book, I want to facilitate healthy conversations that encourage children to independently strengthen their moral and ethical compass to grow into educated adults who have solid foundations to interact with the world, both on and off-screen. 

Interpreting History 

Nowadays, history is different from what I read and studied in college. Most of what I’ve encountered while homeschooling my children have been books with thinly veiled perspectives. As a collective, we’ve shifted away from understanding history to mastering content (dates, times, people, places, and chronology) filtered through the writer’s lens to then regurgitate to our children. As I have sharpened my educational mindset, I could see why thinking is the fundamental pillar in education, and it’s our job as parents to endow children with the tools and insight to deconstruct, debate and question the validity of perspectives.

Help Promote Raising Critical Thinkers

  • Visit raisingcriticalthinkers.com where you can pre-order your copy from your favorite retailer. Pre-ordering now ensures enough copies will be available in the first print and negate the pandemic’s supply-chain issues. 
  • Pre-ordering the book allows me to share these ideas with a broader audience via podcasts and TV shows. 
  • If you participate in pre-sales, you’ll gain access to exclusive bonus content.
  • Join the launch team on facebook.com/groups/rctlauchparty where I’ll be doing giveaways, going live, discussing ideas that didn’t make the book and connecting with you all virtually to celebrate. 
  • Note February 1st, 2022, on your calendars! I’ll be hosting a live reading on Instagram and Facebook and talking to you all about the book. 


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