Friday Freewrite: Move

Friday Freewrite Movement

A synonym is a word that means nearly the same thing as another word. “Move” has LOTS of synonyms but today we’re only looking at those that start with the letter “s” like:

  • sail
  • saunter
  • scamper
  • scramble
  • scoot
  • scurry
  • scuttle
  • shift
  • shuffle
  • skedaddle
  • skip
  • slide
  • slither
  • spin
  • sprint
  • stride
  • stagger
  • step
  • stir
  • swagger
  • sway
  • sweep
  • swing

Write a story (or a poem) and use as many “s” synonyms for “move” as possible. Then read it aloud. Go!

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