Overthinking Leads to Negative Thoughts

“Overthinking leads to negative thoughts.” Don’t think too hard about that quote either!

Let’s pace ourselves. Quality information matters, in periodic doses.

When my mind goes apocalyptic, prophesying doom, I know I’m overthinking.

  • When I play out ten dire scenarios and tune out my sweetheart or friends (or my small children, in the old days), I’m overthinking.
  • When I compare my limits to someone else’s strengths, I’m overthinking.
  • When I obsess over someone else’s “irrational beliefs,” I’m overthinking.
  • When I overthink, I over plan. When I over plan, I over-stuff my life.

When I overthink, I rarely overthink peaceful, happy thoughts. I rarely overthink ways to do less.

I don’t get stuck in a cycle of endless happy predictions, except when falling in love or holding a newborn.

It’s falling off a log to fret, to go apocalyptic, and to break down in tears over spilled rice (sidebar: why is rice so difficult to sweep?).

It takes effort to choose to turn away from the cycle of negative thinking.

What Helps Me

  • Fresh air and walking every day.
  • Watching birds at my feeder.
  • French Press coffee.
  • Photos of my kids from around the globe.
  • Foods with flavor—like brioche buns and vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Reading for pleasure—not to be a better human.
  • Putting down my phone which is what I’m going to do now.

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