Keep All Options on the Table

Keep All Options on the Table

Idealism can be the enemy of well-being. Bold statement, I know. Idealism inspires us and allows us to aspire to challenging the status quo. Totally powerful and necessary for transformation and change, particularly the kind that impacts society, not just you or your family.

Idealism harms us when we become more attached to protecting a system of beliefs or practices than providing for the health and well-being of the individual human beings in our care (including ourselves!). We harm each other when we judge a person’s choices against our ideals for society rather than seeing that choice in the complicated individual context out of which it emerged.

So here are my gray-hair thoughts to consider. When you are faced with a crisis, get ALL options on the table—even the ones you swore you’d never consider.

  • Sometimes just seeing them laid out provides a pressure release that allows you to continue in your original choice.
  • Sometimes you discover a third-option that helps you, supports you without having to give up the ideal entirely.
  • And sometimes, you will find such overwhelming relief imagining the forbidden option that you are suddenly aware there’s a much deeper pain, lack of health, starvation going on and you must face those scary facts, now.

The new choice is only for now. It is not a verdict on what you’ve done before or what you’ll do in the future. When in triage-mode, saving a life is all that counts—yours, your kids’, your partner’s.

You have choices. Find them. Use them. Change your mind.

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