Engage with Nature: Week 3

Engage with Nature Week 3

Have you been surveying your neighborhood for flowers in bloom? Or watching birds from a cozy spot by the window?

Nature sure likes to show off in spring! That makes it a great season to hop into nature study, one of the Brave Writer Lifestyle elements.

To encourage you to add or maintain nature study routines in this unusual time, we created twenty simple prompts to help you and yours engage with nature.

Each Friday in April we’re sharing five simple ideas.

Pick one to do the following week, then let us know what you did by sharing on Instagram (#bravewriterlifestyle).

Ideas for Week 3

  • Build a fairy house at the base of a tree with items like twigs, leaves, rocks, and flowers.
  • Pretend you are a bird: What color would you be? Feather design? Big or small?
  • Draw nature finds.
  • Turn over rocks and see what’s underneath (turn them back gently). 
  • Hug a tree—and while you’re at it, examine the bark.

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