Friday Freewrite: Ups and Downs

Friday Freewrite Ups and Downs

Let’s explore the saying: “Life is full of ups and downs.”

  • On a piece of paper, list two or three recent “down” times (for example, when you felt sad or frustrated or scared).
  • Then list the same number of “up” experiences (when you felt happy or excited or peaceful).
  • Next, cut the statements into separate strips.
  • Place the statements in any order you like. For instance, alternating “up, down, up, down” or “down, up, down, up,” or sharing all the “downs” first then all the “ups” (or vice versa).
  • Read aloud your string of statements (to help it read more like a story, feel free to insert connecting words like “and,” “but” or “then”).
  • Now rearrange them and see how that changes the tone or feel.

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