Boomerang Book Club: October 2019

Boomerang Book Club

A road schooler at heart? Wish you could learn another language? Meet someone from the other side of the world? Think that the curriculum you bought in September is the limit of what you can explore?

THINK AGAIN! This is how you make your world bigger than your backyard: BOOKS!

Books and perspectives outside their normal range of experience grow writers. Give your kids something to think about that’s outside the box! Reading is the easiest, safest and CHEAPEST way to see the world. 

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Check out our online Boomerang Book Club (ages 13-18) selection for October:

The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez.

This is the tale of 14-year-old Lucía Álvarez, who has been relocated with her younger brother from Cuba to the United States as part of Operation Pedro Pan—an operation that facilitated the flight of more than 14,000 Cuba children to the US to flee Fidel Castro’s revolution. Lucía misses the way it used to be before the revolution came marching into her small Cuban town and changed everything. As she adapts to her new life in the heartland of America, she wonders if she will ever see her parents, or her homeland, again.

Purchase the novel here.

A rich array of experience await! Join us and get a free copy of our language arts guide to go with the book.

Boomerang Book Club

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