The Magic of IMMERSION

There’s a reason we go to conferences, retreats, and intensives. The power of immersion is real! We learn better and faster when we are saturated in what we’re trying to learn.

Brave Writer creates that immersive experience in our online classes, too. Our classes are short, so you can devote more time to them. And the entire class is in writing

Did you catch that? It may sound simple, but it’s integral to our immersive approach—writing is the vehicle for learning to write. 

The format of our classes—a writer’s workshop environment where students can read all writing submitted, not just their own—supports what they learn in class. Students:

  • Receive instruction on the class topic via engaging writing 
  • Read written instructor and student responses to their writing
  • Ask questions and receive answers in writing
  • Learn to consider audience when writing
  • Get a taste of “publishing” when they submit their work…in writing!

We want not only effective writers of assignments, but also effective  communicators in writing itself. When students engage with the written word in every aspect of the class, their experience is far richer and deeper than traditional tutorial or in-person classroom formats!

Class in Focus: The Writer’s Jungle Online

Brave Writer offers a unique 6-week coaching program just for YOU, the parent. While your kids get opportunities to write and receive comments from our instructors, you’ll learn how to coach your kids to write with confidence!

Countless parents have discovered through The Writer’s Jungle Online that writing doesn’t have to be a battleground but can be a journey into the unique, creative, quirky mind life of their children. Let’s get in there and see what they have to say, and then help them to say it—in writing! 

You can learn more about our online classes here.

We also invite you to log in to a sample class. Click around, play with our text editor, and read real instructor responses to writing posted in class.

The Writer's Jungle Online


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