2019 Summer/Fall Class Registration Opens June 3!

Brave Writer 2019 Summer Fall Online Writing Classes

It’s that time when our thoughts turn to the upcoming school year. Are you curious what that year will look like?

Curiosity—both yours and your kids’—is at the core of a thriving homeschool.

You know how it can be: sometimes homeschool can feel like dragging an unwilling child through the grocery store. We’ve all been there. Complaining, boredom, acting out. You want to get things done and invest time and money—and your kids couldn’t care less.

How can you tap into the curiosity that sparks interest and passion for learning?

After all, curiosity is the magic pixie dust that

  • Gets our neurons firing (suddenly it’s like a pinball machine in our brains!)
  • Propels us over hurdles of implementation (we’re motivated to get supplies, do research)
  • Keeps the momentum going when normally we’d get tired (our attention span is longer when we’re interested)
  • Gives us superhuman speed and urgency (how often does your child say about a project they’ve devised, “But Mom, I need to do this NOW!”)

You could ask your kids to research something YOU think is important, or you could notice what sparks an interest for themGet curious about what makes them tick. Learning and writing about how dogs are trained to be service animals is going to teach writing and research skills as well as any textbook-chosen topic. Probably better.

Our online class offerings are designed to spark curiosity and embrace your child’s take on the world. Even within our broad topics like Nature Journaling, we give our students the opportunity to dial into their obsessions. To do a deep dive into something that fascinates them. 

Across the board, our Brave Writer students are learning to write on their own terms. And that’s how we find they learn best.

Summer/Fall Registration opens June 3 at noon Eastern. Yes, it’s true! Are you ready to kickstart a writing journey, Brave Writer style?

  • Mark your calendars
  • Check out the class schedule
  • Get ready for a writing adventure like no other!


We’ve combined summer and fall registration into one earlier start date this year. Be sure to nab the fall classes you want when registration opens. Popular classes fill quickly!

Brave Writer Summer/Fall Writing Classes 

Learn more: All About Online Writing Classes 

If you have questions about which class is right for your child, we invite you to send an email to our Help Desk (help@bravewriter.com). Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to give you suggestions that are just right for your family!

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