Pouch Book Club: May 2019

May 2019 Pouch Book Club

Brave Writer’s online Pouch Book Club is for middle schoolers who want to discuss novels with their peers, who are ready to learn the art of thinking and writing simultaneously all while excited about a great story!

Our book clubs provide:

  • thought-provoking questions,
  • engagement with one of our writing coaches
  • and a safe place to have interactions online about a common interest: books! 

Plus a FREE digital copy of our language arts guide based on the book selection for the month.

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May’s selection for the Pouch Book Club (ages 11-14) is Shakespeare’s Scribe by Gary Blackwood.

When an outbreak of the deadly Black Plague closes the Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare’s acting troupe sets off on a tour of England. Widge, the orphan-turned-actor, knows that he’ll be useful on the trip. Not only does he love the stage, but his knack for a unique shorthand has proven him one of the most valuable apprentices in the troupe. But then a mysterious man appears, claiming to know a secret from Widge’s past-a secret that may forever force him from the theatre he loves.—Amazon

Purchase the novel.


Caveat: Please remember that you’re the parent. If you have doubts about the content of a particular book, please check the reviews of the novel or read it for yourself first. Pouch and Boomerang books in particular may include sexuality, graphic language, and mature themes.

Also starting in May are our Arrow and Boomerang Book Clubs.

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