Podcast: The Complete Season Five

Brave Writer Podcast: Season 5 Recap

If you missed any Ask Julie podcast episodes, here they are in one convenient place so that you can listen (or re-listen) to them whenever you want.

THANK YOU for making Ask Julie the amazing podcast season that it was! Thanks to you, we’ve now gone well over a million downloads. What a milestone! We appreciate all the incredible review love you’ve shown us as well.

Let’s give a big round of applause to each Ask Julie guest. Thank you for offering us a glimpse into your lives and your individual challenges.

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Season Five Podcasts

Free transcripts are available for the episodes! Just scroll to the bottom of the following blog posts for the PDF download links.

S5E1Embracing Elements of Home with Tammy Kim

S5E2Growing a Mind & Cultivating Curiosity with Christa Gregg

S5E3What About Technology? with Lindsay McCarthy

S5E4Checklist Lovers – Planning From Behind with Jennifer Vetter

S5E5When Learning Isn’t Fun with Anne Trott

S5E6Community is Self-Care with Jennifer Hunter

S5E7Finding a Balance in High School with Karen Goldstein

S5E8Cultivating Connection in a Large Family with Jardel Manalo

S5E9Awesome Adulting with Jessica Hammond

S5E10Prepping Your Teen for Adulthood with Myah St. John

S5E11Breaking Free from Multitasking with Courtney Moyer

S5E12Routines, Chaos, and Big Goals—Oh My! with CO Springs Homeschool Mamas Group

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