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This month our Brave Writer Lifestyle focus is Shakespeare! Check out our website page for ways to include the Bard in your homeschool.

And guess what? Registration for our Shakespeare Family Workshop class opens soon on December 3, so break out your fancy quills and mark your calendars.

The Shakespeare Family Workshop is aimed at a younger audience. This hands-on five-week workshop is great for all kinds of learners.

The class will include:

  • craft projects,
  • group learning/research,
  • online resources, discussion,
  • creative writing
  • video recommendations

The family workshop provides a multi-sensory approach to the study of Shakespeare and his works. A few informal writing assignments will be provided for families to do together or separately.

In this course, we’ll learn about:

  • The Elizabethan Theatre scene
  • Shakespeare’s life and times
  • The Bard’s poems and plays
  • Will’s unique writing style and place in English literature

In addition, we’ll also explore one of Shakespeare’s famed sonnets and a few of Shakespeare’s more well-known soliloquies and scenes from several plays.

While you wait for registration to open, here are some Shakespeare resources you can use with your family right now:

Movie Wednesday post for Romeo and Juliet

This Movie Wednesday selection includes a summary of the 2013 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, background information on the play and this particular adaptation including alterations made to the text, along with five discussion questions for starting Big Juicy Conversations, as well as additional resources.

Pouch of Boomerangs: Shakespeare’s Scribe

This Boomerang is a part of A Pouch of Boomerangs—a set of ten digital literature guides which are designed for 6th-7th grades. The Pouch is similar to The Boomerang but written for the middle school set. Purchase them individually or bundled together.

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