October in the Homeschool Alliance: Romantic Relationships and Homeschooling

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The demand on each one of us as home educators is staggering—big, rich, full, deep. Our love for our kids knows no limits! On the flip side, however, may be a loss of some of the romantic intimacy that characterized your “pre-children” life with your partner. In October’s Homeschool Alliance webinar (Oct. 8th), Leslie Gustafson (Marriage and Sex Therapist AND homeschool mom veteran) is coming to share with us about how to sustain the intimate connection in your primary relationship.

I’d love for you to join us! We’ll be discussing questions raised by the community (anonymously) in our webinar. I know this is a delicate topic and could feel intimidating to tackle. On the other hand, many parents confide in me their pain and challenges in this arena. How you feel in your marriage or romantic life impacts your well being which in turn impacts your homeschool.

I want you to thrive. I want me to thrive! I look forward to sharing Leslie with you (one of my college friends!). Hope you’ll sign up and stay!

We’d love to have you! Join us!

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