Brave Writer Podcast: The Same Page with MacKenzie Koppa

Brave Writer Podcast with MacKenzie Koppa

MacKenzie Koppa is a homeschooling mother, creator of the Cultivating the Lovely community, and a voice-over actor! She’s built an amazing podcast for families called The Same Page. Her idea? Give five minutes a day to this podcast to cover essentials in your child’s education as a family. She’s got great energy and passion for children and learning.

I hope you’ll tune in.

This is the last episode of Season 4 of the podcast. We’re taking a little hiatus in October while we prepare Season 5 for you (called “Ask Julie”). All new content! Coming soon in November. Can’t wait!

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Getting on the Same Page

MacKenzie’s podcast, The Same Page, is practically designed with Brave Writer families in mind. The core of each episode is memory work encompassing poetry, Shakespeare, historical facts, and scripture.

So in five minutes or less, you can get a spoonful of great literature and, over the course of multiple episodes, you and your family can memorize them while enjoying a shared experience.

MacKenzie recently had to break up with homeschooling, and it was heartbreaking but she still wanted to provide this information for her children. So she actually first created the podcast so that her own family could listen to it in the car on the way to school.

“But then I realized if I need this resource that there’s probably a lot of other moms who would like it as well… and then I realized I could have really used that when I was a homeschool mom, too!”

And these little bite-sized chunks of literature really can fit into almost any family’s lifestyle, whether you want a fun break between lessons, you travel frequently, or you just love exposing yourself to more literature.

In addition to these core episodes, MacKenzie and her family are also working through classic children’s novels chapter by chapter. They are currently working through The Wizard of Oz, and you can find a new chapter on the feed four days a week.

Beyond being a great tool for education, the main goal of the podcast is actually allowing families to foster deeper relationships through shared experience.

So go forth, learn, and share!

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