Movie Wednesday: Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear Movie Wednesday

Paddington Bear is one of the best ­loved characters in children’s literature. The story of the bear from Darkest Peru who came to Britain with a suitcase, a battered hat and a label saying, “Please look after this bear,” has captured the hearts of millions since the first book was published in 1958.

In the 2015 movie adaptation (affiliate link), Paddington arrives in modern ­day London one cold winter in the hope of finding a new home. And that’s exactly what he finds with the friendly Brown family. But life is never going to be simple when you have a bear living with you, especially when there’s an evil taxidermist after him…

The film has a stellar cast, a witty script, snow, pigeons, a high point in the Natural History Museum, a beautiful message of acceptance and hope, and lots and lots of marmalade. It’s a fantastic film for the whole family. Give it a go!

Discussion questions

  1. If you’ve read any of the original books, how do you think the film compares to them?
  2. Paddington is a CGI character, but all the humans are played by live ­actors. Do you think that works? Why or why not.
  3. Paddington says, “A prudent bear always carries a spare marmalade sandwich under his hat in case of emergencies.” Do you think a marmalade sandwich would come in use in an emergency? What would you need in an emergency?
  4. The bad-­tempered Mr Curry doesn’t like Paddington and wants to get rid of him, but he is horrified at the idea of Paddington being stuffed. Does this make him a good person or not? Explain your answer.
  5. While the original books don’t have any villains, the film does, in the form of Millicent the taxidermist. What are your thoughts about the addition of a bad guy?

Paddington Bear statue in Peru

Paddington Bear statue in Peru. Photo taken while visiting Johannah!

For a little something extra you might try one or two of these ideas:


Gummi Bears!

Marmalade Muffins

Easy Homemade Orange Marmalade

Adorable Paddington Bear Cupcakes


Paddington Bear made from a toilet roll (much cuter than it sounds!)

Paper plate Paddington

Many more fun ideas!

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