Friday Freewrite: Dear Juliet

Write a letter to Juliet

Write a letter to Juliet (Capulet) and mail it to Verona, Italy!

The Juliet Club in Verona, Italy collects letters from around the world and works to answer as many letters as they can. If you’ve read or watched Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet or are familiar with the story then write a letter to this famous heroine!

The address is:

Juliet Capulet
Corso Santa Anastasia 29
Verona, Italy

Brave Writer Online Writing Class Shakespeare Family Workshop

April and May are Shakespeare Months here at Brave Writer. The Shakespeare Family Workshop provides a multi-sensory approach to the study of Shakespeare and his works. A few informal writing assignments will be provided for families to do together or separately. The workshop class is an ideal choice for families unfamiliar with Shakespeare’s life and works.

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