The Three Levels of Learning

The Three Levels of Learning

You will see fruit in your homeschooling if you stay the course, which is:

Level one:

Maximum freedom with oodles of space for risk-taking in writing and conversation. Creating safety for self-expression means not worrying about mechanics or grammar or sequence. Create big language messes, and revel in them!

Level two:

Support for growth in sorting it all out, doing a deep dive into the material, adding information to growing understanding. Using the appropriate vocabulary and helping your kids to use it. Discovering how to sequence, how to sort through, how to get thoughts into some kind of intelligible whole. Partnering with your child.

Level three:

Child takes more initiative and control of both drafting and revising processes, revision is more thorough, and the final product shows polish. Feedback is given with respect for authorship, and is considerate while accurate. Parent child team is satisfied with results because the student is both capable of what is being asked, and the parent is conditioned to being an aid/ally rather than a critic or “grade-giver.”

That’s really all there is to it! Keep going!

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