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A Brave Writer mom writes:

I am near tears writing this. Ok – I AM in tears. My daughter has been taking your classes for the past year and all I can say is WOW! Last night she was anxiously watching her computer for her grade and was telling me how strongly she now feels about women in combat after doing the research for the Expository Essay Class. She dived into the class like I have never seen her do before. I read her essays and found them to be original and interesting. Brave Writer works. I have hated the formulaic approach my other kids were taught in public school. Brave Writer is transformational.

Also, on your recommendation, I have been doing Winston Grammar with my daughter and she has one lesson left. Her mechanics were at the mid elementary school level when she started last year and now they are – well I don’t know and I don’t care because I can see what she can now produce.

Her success with writing has extended to other areas of school as well. She is enjoying literature more than she ever had – we are reading aloud The Scarlet Letter and she is asking about vocabulary words and is very engaged in our discussions about the book, Hawthorne and the era.

To help my daughter engage in proofreading she has worked her way through Editor in Chief workbooks this year. She started back at their earliest level and has worked through up to high school. I now find only occasional errors. She will work through the high school book this coming year along with the advanced Winston Grammar. She is accomplishing things believed beyond her reach by her old special Ed teachers.

My daughter will be taking Advanced Composition and the MLA Essay Class coming up and she is looking forward to them. I am crying like a fountain as I never thought I would see her excited about school.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. From deeper than the bottom of my heart!

Brave Writer Mom

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