The Art of Finding Joy in a Teacup Without the Tea!

Poetry Teatime

by Brave Writer student, Hannah Hayes

Growing up, I learned early on that it is possible to have a lovely and enjoyable teatime without the tea. To me, tea was bitter but glamorous; something that I wanted to enjoy but just could not. This is why I found the perfect solution: sipping lemonade from delicate, antique teacups instead of tea!

Tuesday Teatimes at my house were soon a big deal. I remember sitting around the kitchen table in the late afternoon light bathed in warmth and the flickering glow of candles. Often Bach or Beethoven played in the background to the babble of words flowing from our mouths as we read poetry aloud between sips of hot chocolate and nibbles of scones.

When we first started the teatime tradition, I rolled my eyes and said, “What a waste of time—I don’t even like poetry.” But my mom was right in persevering, for the love of poetry in my own heart sparked into flame. Soon, not only did I enjoy picking a poem to share, but I was picking multiples, and often the longest ones I could find. There was something about the way the words skipped and soared that became melodious and wonderful to me.

Hannah without tea 2

Images by Hannah Hayes

I discovered that the important part of teatime is being surrounded by love and joy. Finding people, words, and ideas that make you soar is a marvel all its own. Teatime is not something that has to be proper, prim, or old fashioned! The essence of teatime is resting and reveling in the simple joys of life—mending the frayed ends of body, mind, and soul by relaxation and reflection in something you treasure. Teatime is not a seasonal thing. It is evolving and living, and it moves with you and your needs.

Often we find our greatest creative geniuses in the moments where we marvel at the minute miracles of life. So, this summer, take time to find what is truly important, whether you find that in jars of icy lemonade or in cups of iced tea.

Want to start your own Poetry Teatime? Here’s how.

2 Responses to “The Art of Finding Joy in a Teacup Without the Tea!”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Wonderful evocative article, Hannah! Your mom taught my daughter about teatime in second grade, and you are blessed to have gained a love of the tradition and all of the peripheral activities that accompanied it. You are also blessed to be continuing her love of writing; you are definitely gifted at it!

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