Plan Your Routine Now!

The Homeschool Alliance

The Homeschool Alliance is about to spend all of July planning your coming school year. The emphasis of our work together will be different than your traditional “day planner” and “curriculum schedule.” Though we’ll look at your days, weeks, and months, we’ll do it from a different space that mere logistics (how to fit it all in). We’ll:

  • investigate who your kids are (each one) and what their natural aspirations and talents are.
  • examine the planned subject areas you intend to cover during the year.
  • discuss pace and routine, how to accommodate the busy extra-curricular life you have as well as your need for solid blocks of time to cover in depth studies.

Not only that, but we’ll take YOU into account as well! None of this works unless we have a realistic appraisal of your unique, important personality and parenting style. I’ll give feedback to all who post and help you make the necessary adjustments to get the routine that feels right to you. I’ll also provide resources or advice, if they are appropriate, to help you articulate and develop a plan.

By the end of July, you will have a solid sense of how to implement the tailor-made routine that takes all of you into account!

In addition to the month-long planning session, I’ll be available to Alliance Members for one-on-one Skype sessions for consultations (additional expense).

All of this for $24.95! You can sign up for just the one month, if you like, and read back through the last year’s worth of material and posts, too, to give yourself a big boost of energy as you enter the fall!

Join the 200+ parents who are already members! Find out why the Homeschool Alliance has become an essential source of support to their family lives and homeschool efforts.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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