Don’t hate on TV—here’s why!

The following clip is from the “Brave Writer Lifestyle” talk given during our 2014 retreat. See why watching television is an important part of creating a language rich environment in your home.

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One Response to “Don’t hate on TV—here’s why!”

  1. This is a great talk–and a great reminder. Our four kids and I sit down every evening and watch TV together, discussing different aspects during the muted commercials. Irony, puns, character development, action sequences, story lines, plot twists–these elements are all available in literature, but are also readily noted and analyzed in TV shows and films.

    For our youngest who struggles with language acquisition, instead of reading Great Expectations or Romeo & Juliet aloud to him, I read the first couple of chapters/first act to him so that he can hear the language of Dickens and Shakespeare, and then we switch to watching film adaptations and discussing the literature from that angle. With his learning challenges, the events in a long novel or play do not stay with him, but a film watched for an hour a day does. He is being exposed to so many “classics” this way, and he’s enjoying them. Next on our list: The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Importance of Being Earnest. 🙂

    ~Susanne 🙂