Poetry Teatime: Night Flower

Poetry Teatime

Brave Writer mom Jennifer writes:

I just wanted to share that my 6 (almost 7) year old daughter spontaneously wrote a poem today! This is such a feat since she has always been behind in language arts and her least favorite thing to do is write.

She did not start talking until she was 4 years old. When I say she wasn’t talking I mean next to nothing was coming out of her mouth, lots of defiant stares, but no words.

I decided to homeschool because I wanted her to have one-on-one help getting her caught up. After A LOT of work, she is at her grade level for reading and is as talkative as ever. Her least favorite thing to do is… WRITING!

She has had her days of tears and hulk-like rage at the prospect of writing and I was ready to give up. I made it my goal to focus on this aspect of language arts so we can foster a love of writing in our everyday lives.

I am SO GLAD I found the Brave Writer Lifestyle and products. I have been implementing the suggestions over the last month and am amazed at the results.

Poetry Tea is probably everyone’s favorite so far. While painting today she made a flower and made squiggly lines on her page. She told me, “I am writing a poem Mom.” I pulled the closest thing to me out and asked her to “read” me her poem. I jotted it down and was very impressed that she had such lovely thoughts to share.

Again, this is amazing because she has never enjoyed telling me anything to write down until now. I look forward to the progress we will make over the next year using this program!!

Here is Emily’s poem and painting:

Emilys Purple Night Flower blog

Night Flower

When the flower only comes out at night
I saw how beautiful it was
It did not grow in sunlight
but the moon shined onto the flower
and it started to grow
It looked as beautiful as purple.

Images by Brave Writer mom, Jennifer. Painting by Emily.

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2 Responses to “Poetry Teatime: Night Flower”

  1. Caroline & Del Matlack says:

    Jennifer has worked diligently with Emily and, as you can see, it has really paid off. If you really read the poem, and think about it,there are really a lot of deep thoughts there.

  2. Teresa McDonald says:

    AMAZING!!!! I’m in tears.