Fairytale Writing Assignment: Making the Bad Guy Good

Student Spotlight

Dear Julie,

My family is in co-op with another family, and they have been using your teaching tools this year for writing. My son, Frederick (12 yrs), wrote a piece for an assignment of making a well-known, fairy-tale bad-guy seem good. His fabulous instructor, Karyn, liked it so much, she recommended sending it to you.

I wanted to thank you for all you have done to make reading and writing so much more engaging. We appreciate that you have shared your talents! It has made this year very enjoyable!!

Thank you again,

The Word of the Witch

by Frederick

“Now, before I tell you the actual, factual story, I need to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Winnuwich and I am a witch. I am mostly blind and can’t hear very well. I also can’t remember much. Now I will tell you my – oh, where was I!! Um, um, oh, yes, that’s right, now I will tell you my story.”

“I don’t like eating candy all of the time” I said “I want some healthy water and all the stuff from the food pyramid…except the bad stuff . I wish I had some nice company around here, no offense broomy. Hmmmm…Aha!!! I’ll get some children in here and, I’ll lure them by making my shack into a big, fancy gingerbread house using my candy!!!

Now to cast the spell. Now where did I put that spell book? That’s right, under my couldren cooking pot! Okay, now abracadabra, my new ginga bread house!! There, now I’ll just start making a meal for – wait, what was I going to do? I’ll just take a short nap…

Crunch, crunch, crunch!!!

“What, who’s there? Oh, no!!! My guests!!! They’ve come!!! I haven’t made any food for them!!! I’ll just have to let them in anyway!!!


“Oh, hello, what are your names little ones?”

“My name is Hansel” said Hansel.

“And my name is Grettel” said Grettel.

“My name is Winnuwitch” I said. “Come inside and I’ll make you some food.”

“Thank you” they said, and then came inside and sat at my table.

Quickly, I whipped up a magic turkey dinner and they were gobbling up the food.

“Would you children care for some dessert?” I asked them.

“Yes we would” they replied in perfect unison.

“All right then I’ll get that ready for you. What are your names again?”

“Hansel and Grettel” said Grettel.

“Hazel the petel? Like a hazel tea petel!!! I will make some tea with you!!” I said. “I already have my couldren boiling so I’ll throw you in now!!!”

Just as I reached the couldren, they wriggeled out of my grip and pushed me into the couldren!!! Then they ran away. I almost died when they did that!!!

“Ya know broomy” I said afterwards “I don’t think I’ll ever have guests again. I’ll change my house back right now, Abra-Kadabra,my old litta shacka!!! There, all better. I’ll just go take a nap now.”

I lived a happy life with broomy and without guests from that day onwards.

That is the total truth now don’t forget that – where was I again? Oh, that’s right, now I will tell you my story…

Header image © Frederick

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