Resources for Young Filmmakers

Resources for Young Filmmakers

For an upcoming Movie Night, instead of popping in a DVD or watching an instant flick on Netflix, you might enjoy a motion picture your child has filmed!

If any of your kids show an interest in making movies then below are some helpful websites that contain a multitude of resources for future Oscar winners.

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If you have younger kids who aren’t quite ready for breakable equipment: Low Tech Cardboard TV project!

For inspiration, here’s an under two minutes film by G (a homeschooled teen) called, “A Short Snow Drama.” Be sure to watch till the end! And read more about how the movie was made on the blog, Almost Unschoolers.

Also, check out Brave Writer’s Movie Discussion Club. Perfect for budding cinephiles!

Need help commenting meaningfully on plot, characterization, make-up and costumes, acting, setting and even film editing? Check out our eleven page guide, Brave Writer Goes to the Movies. Also, tell us about a film you and your kids watched together (along with a pic if you have one) and if we share it on the blog you’ll receive a free copy!

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