Poetry Teatime: Pleasant atmosphere

Poetry Teatime

Brave Writer mom, Jennifer, writes:

Hey Julie!

Just a quick note to say thanks. An old email of yours showed up in a search I was doing this morning and I remembered all the fab times my daughter and I had at Tea Time and writing outside and reading poems at breakfast…

You inspired a very pleasant atmosphere in our life.

Marianna is now off at college, an Arabic major with the Air Force ROTC. I still keep my own book of poems I’ve read and loved and copied down, as well as my own writings.

You made an impact in both our lives.

Thank you!

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One Response to “Poetry Teatime: Pleasant atmosphere”

  1. Heather says:

    I’m new to the Brave Writer lifestyle and just wanted to tell you that we had our first TeaTime this week. My kids loooooved it. I can tell this is going to become a fun tradition in our home. What a great way to expose the kids to good poetry, while slowing down the pace of our day and helping them feel special and important. Thank you!!