Poetry Teatime: Yummiest

Poetry Teatime

I wanted to drop a line about our poetry teatime, which is certainly the yummiest part of our Language Arts program. We don’t usually manage more than to bake something and sit down with our poetry books (no pretty table arrangements here, sorry). When we started last year, I did most of the reading and didn’t get to eat our goodies until the end. Now, my little guy will happily read some of the shorter verses and I get to enjoy my cake. The side benefit of all our baking is that, at six years old, he’s remarkably proficient at cracking eggs. My husband is also happy that he’s guaranteed cakes once a week.

I’m also pleased that Ciaran will insist on getting out the books. On one occasion, when we didn’t have much time, I was going to skip the reading, but he told me to ‘wait there,’ strode off to the bookcase and came back with a poetry book, telling me sternly that ‘it is poetry teatime’!

So thank you. I love the richness and variety of our Brave Writer lifestyle and feel (somewhat) comforted that it involves broader experiences than ‘just’ writing (which we don’t do well at yet!).

Thank you!

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Poetry Teatime

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