Wednesday Movies: A Student Review!

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The following student piece was produced for our fall Break Into Print class taught by noted author Karen O’Connor. Students first learned the language of publishing then they picked a topic they were excited about that would interest others. Next, they selected an article style, prepared their piece for submission, and wrote a query letter.

Amelia’s project was a film review—perfect for Movie Wednesday. Enjoy! (Also, note: there are some spoilers.)

A Quick Review of Thor One and Two and The Avengers


Amelia Audette-Diaz (age 11)

Did you like the first Thor movie? If you did then you will love the new one called “Thor: The Dark World.” In the first one Loki becomes evil when he finds out he is adopted (wouldn’t we all?) and is actually the son of an evil ice giant. He wants revenge and chooses to do so by going on his real father’s side, leading him into his adopted father’s kingdom and then killing his real father when he is about to kill his adopted father. Yeah, I didn’t get it the first time either.

But Loki isn’t finished. After dying in “Thor”, he somehow comes back to life in the movie “The Avengers” and wants even more revenge. He controls the mind of a scientist and Hawk Eye, who by the way, nobody knows about because they didn’t make a movie about him. Then Loki makes them build a portal between two different worlds with the help of another evil guy he teamed up with. But the Avenger, which includes Black Widow (no previous movie about that character either), Captain America, Iron Man, Hawk Eye, and the really sensitive Hulk, who steals a motorcycle and arrives just when they need him, is ready to beat Loki. Of course they defeat Loki but completely destroy New York City in the process and send Loki back home with Thor.

In the second Thor movie (“The Dark World”), Thor’s girlfriend, who Thor’s father doesn’t like because she is human and doesn’t live five thousand years, gets infected with red slime and Thor tries to find a cure. He has a plan to give her to the evil villain, who just looks like a white elf that’s power hungry, and then destroy the slime as the evil elf is taking it out of her. His father disapproves and completely forgets to tell him the red slime is undefeatable. But in the end the villain dies and they somehow destroy the red slime even though it’s supposed to be indestructible.

Wow this movie made even less sense than the first one!

If you’d like to include movies in your homeschool, here are some resources:

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  1. Annie Hall says:

    This is awesome! I would point out that both Hawk-Eye and Black Widow are in other Marvel movies (Hawk-Eye is actually in Thor 1, but never called Hawk-eye). 😀 Start the nerds young, I always say.