Poetry Teatime: Belly laughs and giggles

Poetry Teatime


My children’s absolute favourite part of our week is tea time Tuesday! We have been reading Shel Silverstein and they want to read the poems over and over. I’m amazed at the deep belly laughing and giggling that they express with every poem. I would never have thought to read poetry to my kids, but I’m so thankful for this prompting to try it! Here we are on another rainy Vancouver Tuesday morning. We have our hot chocolate in hand and our pumpkin candle burning!

My kids are 8, 6, and 4! Thanks!


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One Response to “Poetry Teatime: Belly laughs and giggles”

  1. Tracy Parris says:

    Love this idea! We love Shel Silverstien poetry and have many of his books. I think I will start this today…our first Teatime Tuesday! We have an ice storm outside, we are all cozy inside…gonna be a great day for it!