Our Brave Writer Lifestyle


We recently featured a poem by 11 year old Kayleigh. Her mom, Mary, blogs at Not Before 7:00 and she wrote three fabulous posts about her family’s Brave Writer lifestyle. Check them out!

Part I: Our Brave Writer Lifestyle

Mary shares her journey from Classical Education to Brave Writer. She writes:

I don’t even know where to begin with the changes in our homeschooling since I found Julie at Brave Writer. I have been inspired and encouraged to finally embrace the homeschooling lifestyle that I think has always been “me” deep down inside.

Part II: Our School Year

Their Language Arts program is explained. Read how Mary “deprogrammed” herself and tossed out the spelling, grammar, and vocabulary workbooks!

Best of all…this year my kids all consider themselves WRITERS!  They keep poetry journals.  They talk about their stories and write for fun.  Even my 4 year old asked one night if he could tell me a story!  The next day he told me another and I wrote it down in his writing journal.

They all have learned that they EACH have ideas WORTH WRITING DOWN!  And I can think of no better goal for writing at this age!

Part III: Essentials

Take a peek at their Tuesday Teatimes and Friday Freewrites (complete with adorable photos!).

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