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From Brave Writer mom, Mary:


I read your Daily Writing Tip daily and while I can’t even attempt to implement them all (kids ages 11, 9, 6, and 4), I enjoy your thoughts and ideas and we attempt them when we can.

I have noticed that they change my way of thinking – they are “tools” in the back of my mind. I see everything as a writing opportunity – a chance to teach them that THEIR thoughts are valuable and we don’t have to edit them to death either. (Not that I make them write all of the time – but I look more for natural opportunities.)

Well, we just moved from MD to NC and it has been tough emotionally on my 11 year old because she missed her BFF from our street. She sent her a letter the other day and came in tears to tell me that it was hard to write the address because it made her so sad…the streets are different now (used to be on the same street) it was hard to write our old street.

As we talked, I mentioned what a beautiful way that was to capture her emotion, the way a poet might…an everyday moment that signifies something so important and emotional. Anyway, I encouraged her to write a poem about it if she wanted. (As I still have my poem from 9th grade when my BFF moved and have shared it with her before.)

We are also at the end of Inside Out and Back Again (which we love) and here is what she wrote that night:

Missing My Friend

by Kayleigh (age 11)

My friend is left behind
I wish we were still together

She was across the street

Now across the state of Virginia

Long and
Far Away

I miss her much
And I can’t get over


THANK YOU for all of your tips and encouragement. I loved this poem, especially the line when she parallels the street and state…BRILLIANT if I do say so myself.

I hope this all makes sense. It’s a busy morning and I have been meaning to make time to email you. But I must get back to the muffins in the oven that are baking for Tea Time Tuesday! So excuse the typos and jumpy thoughts!


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