Where Brave Writers Write Kindle Fire Giveaway!

WBWW Kindle Fire GiveawayImage by apdk

Send a photo of your Brave Writer(s) writing and enter to win a KINDLE FIRE!


We want to see your kids writing–on the couch, at the table (under the table!), on the porch, in the car, at a desk, on the beach. Anywhere writing happens. Share your photo and enter to win!

Give-Away STARTS Nov. 15th and ENDS Dec. 10th at midnight EST.

Only ONE photo per family, please. (All submissions fall under Creative Commons licensing 3.0, which gives Brave Writer the freedom to publish the images on our blog, other social media sites, and in BW materials. NOTE: we may not be able to feature all photos if the volume is too high, but all entries will be eligible for the prize. Brave Writer employees may not enter.)

EMAIL your photo to blog@bravewriter.com and include your first name. Also, put “WBWW Giveaway” as the subject title.

ONE entry will be randomly chosen and the WINNER will receive a
Kindle Fire

So, send us your photos and enter to win! And spread the word!

EDITED to add: A drawing will be held on December 11, 2013. We will notify the winner via email then publish it to the blog.

Image of Kindle Fire from Amazon.com

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