Squeezing Writing into the Holidays

Writing during the Holidays

1. Have your young writers make place cards for the holiday table. We liked using the American Girl Letter Art books.

2. Write a holiday newsletter: let the kids be the editors-in-chief! Interviews, anecdotes from the year’s activities, funny memories, photos—these can be complied in a patchwork quilt way. No need to write a single long narrative. Put each piece in its own box or section, like a newspaper.

3. Keep a holiday record book. You might want to start one that has the name of the holiday and the date (with year). On the record page, put the names of the guests who were with you or where you went to celebrate. If gifts are involved, list the presents and the “to” and “from” for each one. You might also recall foods eaten (with recipes! – makes it easier for next year), football scores (ha!), games played, funny conversations or jokes told. You might select a different scribe each year to be the note-taker for the event/holiday.

Writing during the Holidays

4. Put a basket on the hall buffet or mantle. Leave a set of beautiful pens and odd slips of paper (various colors and shapes). Instruct kids and parents to write a message of gratitude each day or every couple days. Then on the chosen holiday, pour them out in front of a fire, while sipping hot cider, and read them to each other.

5. Make home made gift tags! Then write names for gifts on them.

6. Thank you notes: yes, these can be wonderful. They can be texts, FB messages, tweets, instagrams, or genuine handwritten notes. The key is to remember to thank the givers (something even I am not good at). But make use of whatever technology helps you get it done!

Enjoy! There are so many ways to make writing a natural part of life, but holidays take it up a notch!

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